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Updated: May 12, 2020

I wanted to create this blog for two reasons. 1) To help others and 2) to help myself.

I wanted to create this blog for two reasons. 1) To help others. I found it super helpful to read posts from others to get answers to questions like "what undertone does Sherwin Williams On the Rocks have?" And 2) To help myself. There is a good chance that at some point in my life I will be doing some sort of renovation again. It likely will not be soon so why not write everything down now so I can reference it for later?

I'm happy to share my findings, my favorites and my lessons learned.”

Helping Others

Pinterest is a godsend in any kind of project. I am a visual person who cannot visualize very well. It's difficult for me to picture something in my head and know what it will really look like. Therefore Pinterest has come in to save the day by showing me other people's ideas already completed. This is how we got all of our inspiration from tile to paint colors to overall look and feel- with our own flare of course.

In addition to Pinterest, other people's blogs and posts have been SO helpful in this process. Searching hashtags on Instagram brings up so many posts of renovations it can almost be overwhelming in a good way. Obviously, the Sherwin Williams website is going to tell me all of their colors are beautiful. But Sally from Idaho told me that Eider White looks pink on walls! Yikes! I would have been really upset to learn this on my own. So Sally, thanks for that post and for all the others folks who backed her up and sent out the warning. By the way, I'm so sorry you had to repaint your entire house...that is my nightmare. I do not want to live and learn on my brand new condo walls. I have so much to say about paint but that is for another day...

I'm happy to share my findings, my favorites and my lessons learned. I have a lot of new-found time on my hands with Coronavirus running rampant. So thank you Rona for the gift of time. Oddly enough, the extra time has been timely since the condo is demanding a lot of it. Funny how things work out.

To Help Myself

I love projects. Doing a renovation has been a dream of mine that came true a lot earlier in my life than I had planned- thank you Brenton! I'll explain more about why we chose this route in another post. That being said, I foresee other renovations at some point in my life and probably not soon after this which means I will have forgotten a lot. It may not be a whole unit/home but I bet you in our "forever home" that we do some upgrades at some point. Probably to the master shower since Brenton's very passionate about that part of this project...don't mess with a man and his shower. I don't want to forget my own advice when that time comes and so I think this will be a resource for myself. Future Amy will appreciate past Amy's insight, wisdom, and mistakes. You're welcome.

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