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The Master Bathroom: Taaa Daaaaaaaaa

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The Finished Product

I am happy to report we have been using out master bathroom for over two weeks and we are thrilled about it. While we still need to add decorative accents, the renovation itself its complete! As promised, here are the details on the materials and where to find them.

The Master Vanity

We went with the OVE Lourdes 60 inch white double vanity. This vanity came with the sink and counter top as well as both black and silver hardware. I thought that was a particularly nice feature since it saved me the trouble of going out to find black hardware that fit the holes. The drawers and cabinets are shaker style soft close and the top is an engineered stone. The vanity itself is definitely a true white while the counter top has a bit of an off white or grey tone but I'd still consider it white.

One of the major reasons we selected this vanity is because it was the only 60 inch, double sink, white vanity that fell in our budget, had good reviews, and came with free shipping through Costco. The other benefit of purchasing with Costco is their generous return policy, great customer service, and as an executive member you also get cash back from all Costco purchases. I was very pleasantly surprised with the Costco selection. When it was all said and done we got both the vanity, shower door, and our garbage disposal from Costco. Although we didn't go with this, they also have LVP flooring, custom cabinets, counter tops, sinks, faucets and more. Sometimes I think Costco should be paying me with the amount of marketing I do for them. Overall, we are happy with this vanity. I like the fact that it's simple and seems like decent quality. I find having lots of drawers helps me organize things better and I appreciate the double drawer height drawer on the bottom since it can fit my taller items like hairspray, standing up.

UPDATE: After using this vanity for a few months I wanted to provide an update. We still love the look and functionality of it but I am noticing a an issue with the stone top which, I think, comes along with buying a budget friendly vanity. The top is engineered stone which means in in fact DOES need to be sealed on a regular basis. We are noticing even just water will leave the stone dirty. After contacting OVE they sent us a sealing kit which we will need to use every year. I am bummed because I was not aware this would need sealing as we were going for low maintenance. Otherwise, still love it!

The Faucets

We went with the Jacuzzi Duncan Matte Black 1-handle 4-in Centerset WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain. Key words here being "and drain" as I wanted to ensure I had a matching black sink drain. I also liked the idea of the pop up drain which is much easier to use and more aesthetically pleasing than a traditional drain. We liked the simplicity of this faucet and it had good reviews while falling in our budget. I could have found something cheaper on Amazon but many others had reviews about the black matte items chipping. So far, we really like them. I do feel like it doesn't shut off instantly, and drips for a second but it doesn't bother me. I also realize that by having the handle on the right hands side it lends itself to right handed people however when you're brushing your teeth with your toothbrush in your right hand, its a little awkward to turn on and off with your left hand because you have to cross sunder the running water. Even with these minor nuances, I'd still buy this faucet again.

Tip: be sure to check your vanity's hole sizes to ensure the faucets you get are compatible. Not all faucets fit all vanities.

The Mirrors

Target is right up there with Costco in my book. So yup, I got these round babies at Target. I must say, I was surprised at how expensive mirrors can be. A quick google search of "black vanity mirror" gave me mirrors upwards of $100. Initially I didn't plan for round mirrors and was going to re-purpose the existing vanity mirror which was just one large mirror. Our electrician, as a surprise, added an outlet to the vanity so that each sink would have one. I was really happy about that until I realized I couldn't find a mirror that wouldn't cover the outlet...until these! So now we get both a cool looking mirror and an additional sink outlet. YAY. I found these rounds accidentally while perusing target during a grocery trip gone wild. That's what I call grocery trips to Target that turn into home and clothes shopping. I've decided Target is no longer a place where I can purchase groceries unless I am already going there for the clothes and/or home goods but that is neither here nor there.

Anyways, these have been great. The frame is made of plastic which you wouldn't know unless you touched it. I am a little unsure if they'll hold up over time in the bathroom with the humidity but I guess only time will tell. For $59.99 I thought it was worth a shot. I also used Rain-X glass cleaner and water repellent on both these and the shower door to help them stay fresh.

The Toilet

We went with the American Standard Champion White Round Chair Height 2-Piece Vitreous China Toilet. I definitely underestimated the process of selecting a toilet. Do I want round or elongated? Chair height or regular height? What size is our rough in space? What size flush valve do I want? what does that even mean? Well, lucky for me I happened to be at the condo while the plumbers were here so I picked their brain. He recommended the American Standard Brand and said to get at least a 3 inch flush valve. Toilets with larger flush valves use less water and have a better flush resulting in less clogs. I am a little traumatized from the toilets in our previous home which clogged a lot and even backed up twice. It was gross. So when I found a 4 inch flush valve for the same price as 2 and 3 inches, I went for it. I also got it on sale at Lowes although the first one came broken and they wouldn't honor the sale price when I bought the second so that was annoying. Either way, we got these for both bathrooms, one on sale and one not on sale. They claim to be able to flush a bucket of golf balls which I've asked Brenton NOT to test. So far, no backups!

The Shower System

Have I mentioned Brenton's love for the shower? When it was time for our first shower, I was holding my breath because if he didn't like the shower head, I think we both would have cried and since I am the one who found it online I was feeling extra responsible.

Luckily he LOVED it. This purchase was a little risky because it's not a name brand I had heard of- then again I am not a plumber nor a shower head connoisseur. We got this on Amazon and I only went with it because it had all the features we wanted like the rain shower head, the handheld, it came in black, it had stellar reviews, you could turn the rain shower and the handheld on a the same time, and it was affordable. I found similar ones for upwards of $800! All that said, meet the KOJOX Brushed Black Shower System with High Pressure 12 Inch Rainfall Shower Head, Handheld Shower head and Shower Faucet Trim with valve, Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Shower Set Wall Mounted. We actually got it in matte black which I don't see as an option right now so I have linked the brushed black version. I'm not sure the difference. So far it's living up to it's reviews. The rain shower head is what you would expect, light and airy, like showering under a waterfall or rain cloud. The handheld has awesome water pressure and you can run both at the same time but both have a little less water pressure if you do it that way. So far I have also been impressed with how clean they look. I thought the black trim would get splotchy from the water but so far so good (it's been about 2 weeks.) My only complaint is that I wish the handheld was adjustable in height however it isn't a deal breaker.

The Light Fixtures

I couldn't decide exactly what type of light fixtures I wanted however I did know I wanted round glass globes of some kind. I found the Phansthy Industrial Style Wall Light Clear Double Sconce with 5.9 Inches Glass Round Canopy On/Off Button on Amazon and it was perfect! Because of the double vanity, we did a double light. I ordered this in black which I don't see available on Amazon anymore so I guess I got lucky. So far, this light fixture has been great! You don't have to use edison bulbs however we liked the look so we ordered Dimmable Ascher Vintage LED Edison Bulbs, 6W, Equivalent 60W, 700lm, Warm White 2700K, ST58 Antique LED Filament Bulbs, E26 Medium Base, Clear Glass, Pack of 6 also from Amazon. We needed edison bulbs for the guest bathroom and hall light as well. We are super happy with these lights!

The Shower Door

We wanted a frameless glass door which are typically custom made. However, to be more budget friendly and because we had a standard 60 inch opening we went with a pre-made glass door. You can get these at Home Depot or Lowes, however once again Costco came to the rescue. Not only did I get a better price but they had free delivery. This OVE Kelsey 60" Tempered Glass Shower Door once again had amazing reviews and honestly I can see why. It's really heavy duty and thick. I have found it easy to clean so far and yes, I am using a squeegee (had to google that spelling) to keep it in tip top shape. It slides pretty smoothly while keeping water in and it just looks really sleek. I would make this selection again for sure.

The Tile

The inspiration photo from Pinterest

We had found an inspiration photo on Pinterest for the bathroom shower and basically modeled the rest of the bathroom around that image. Because Brenton was able to get tile through a buddy of his (perks of working in construction) we couldn't select the exact same tile as this but we got pretty close! Unfortunately I don't have the details about the type of tile we used but to accomplish the same look any white wall tile will work! We went with a charcoal floor and a glass blue accent tile for the custom nook. We went with black fixtures instead of the chrome you see here which made me a little nervous. Believe it or not, I'm not a visionary when it comes to design. I need to see photos or see it in real life. Brenton hates my habit of purchasing five different rugs and dragging them inside to see which I like best and then returning the rest. But I need to see it! So not being able to see this shower with black fixtures and knowing our tile selections were not the exact same as the inspo photo really worried me. Additionally we decided to use white grout with white tile and charcoal grout with the floor tile, contrary to the to the inspiration photo. All the changes had me on edge, however, we are both thrilled with the outcome and despite our changes, it's pretty close to the inspiration photo! I give Breton all the design credit here as he was the one pushing for black bathroom finishes and this shower tile. He did good! Our shower is below.

The Floors

Ah, the best for last. I am so obsessed with our Seaboard Oak Cali Vinyl Longboards - Vinyl Plank Flooring. I was a bit skeptical and a little nervous since we only saw a small sample in person but they really look just like this photo which came off their website. I did A LOT of research on LVP flooring and really wanted an authentic wood look. I wanted to go a little lighter but Brenton liked something with more brown tones so we settled on this color and I am so glad we did. We also went with the long and wide planks which I love. These boards have quite a few different patterned boards and the variety makes it much more realistic. I recommend that anyone installing pay attention and try not to lay two of the same board next to one another. This really makes a difference compared to some LVPs that are so patterned the floors come out looking almost striped. We are both still a little (or a lot) bitter towards the HOA that we couldn't get these throughout the entire place. I already see myself buying these again for our future forever home as long as their durability and easy to maintain-ness holds true. Thank you Cali Bamboo!

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Casie Lee
Casie Lee
Apr 19, 2021

Your bathroom looks awesome!!! Just wondering how your floors are holding up, your thoughts on them, etc. Thanks so much for any information, they look awesome!

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