Amy Pagano

Hey friends. I'm Amy and I am 32 and currently living in Orlando Florida. I moved here from my hometown in Interlaken New Jersey in 2013 to pursue a master's in higher education at the University of Central Florida (#ChargeOn) and never left. I'm surprised I'm still here, funny where life takes you. I graduated from James Madison University in VA in 2011 (Go Duuukes) with a degree in business administration/hospitality. 


Now, in my yo-pro life I work in Organizational Development for the hospitality industry. HR in the corporate world is a lot more fun then it sounds on paper, I swear. Additionally, I have my real estate license and practice real estate on the side. 


In my personal life I have a few creative hobbies. I love crafting with my Cricut, I love real estate and home décor and design. I also love my wonderful man, Brenton, who has let me run free with our latest project....the condo reno! 

I created this site to blog about our renovation and to house any creative projects I have up my sleeve. East Coast Designs (@eacoastdesigns) is the platform I use for my Cricut hobby but I will start posting all of my creative fun there too!

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So glad you want to connect! I'll be in touch.